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Session and Presenter Information

Session organizers are expected to communicate with presenters before the Congress with respect to the format of the presentations.

Each session will have an assigned chair who will open the session, introduce each speaker, keep the presentations on time, and moderate discussion.  The chair must strictly enforce presentation time and a card system will be used for communicating with the presenters.

Yellow card – 5 minutes remain

Orange card – 2 minutes remain

Red – the presentation must end immediately

Each session is 90 minutes in length therefore presentation time for each paper is limited as follows to allow for questions and general discussion at the end of the session.

  • 15 minutes each for a session with five presentations
  • 15 minutes each for a session with four presentations
  • 20 minutes each for a session with three presentations

Presenters – We are aware of the fact that the allocated time is not sufficient for you to do justice to your research. However, the discussion, breaks and social time in the evenings will provide further opportunities to interact with colleagues who might be interested in your research. Also consider having business cards on hand for those wishing to follow up on your research after the Congress

Oral presentations, power point presentations and paper hand-outs should be prepared in English. We suggest a maximum 20 slides per presentation. Please do not put too much written information on a single slide and plan your presentation with the time limits noted above in mind.

Presenters should arrive at the session location 15 minutes prior to the start of the session.

If anyone must leave or enter a session once it is already in progress, do so only between presentations.

Additional useful tips for all Congress attendees



There will be a PC computer in each room, a projector, screen and internet access.  Presenters should bring their slides on a USB flash drive.  Those who must use their Mac computer will need to bring a dongle with a VGA termination.

There will be an AV technician assigned to each building to provide assistance.