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Session Code Session Title
EOW_2 Open Discussion Session with Erik Olin Wright on Concepts, Practices and Politics of Real Utopias
Panel 1A Open discussion with members of Plenary Panel 1: 50 Years of Debate on Peasantries 1966-2016
IRSA_1 The New Frontier of Resistance in Global Agri-Food
IRSA_2 Contested Sustainability Discourses: From Food Sovereignty to Sustainable Intensification
IRSA_3 Global trends in Alternative Agri-food movements: seeking convergence paths (RC40 mini-conference)
IRSA_4 Debating Food Sovereignty in a World of Emergencies
IRSA_5 Agri-Food Activism in a Changing World
IRSA_6 Can food sovereignty be institutionalized? Negotiating the intersection of grassroots struggles and public policies for food system transformation
IRSA_7 Food Sovereignty: Participatory, Transdisciplinary and Solidarity Based Research Approaches In-With-For Sustainable and Just Rural Transformation
IRSA_8 Food Sovereignty Collaborations and Knowledge co-production for Transformation
IRSA_9 Who is sovereign in food sovereignty? Exploring the roles of ecology, scale and political choice
IRSA_11 Farmers’ knowledges and decision-making in rural transitions: what role for social science?
IRSA_13 Northern Food Systems: Building Collaborative Efforts for Food Security in Remote Canadian Indigenous Communities
IRSA_14 Resource extraction, accumulation, and rurality: shifting subjectivities and varied violence in the Canadian context
IRSA_15 Rural radicals? Exploring radical community organising in rural areas
IRSA_16 Social Movements Contesting Natural Resource Development
IRSA_17 Human Rights and the Politics of Land Grabbing in Sub-Saharan Africa
IRSA_18 (Re-)Imagining Sustainable Farmland: Protection, Preservation, and Planning with Public and Private Property
IRSA_19 Land Grabbing in Canada?
IRSA_20.5 Financialization, food-systems and rural economic change
IRSA_22 Addressing the complexity of agri-environmental governance: multiplicity, hybridity, and assemblage
IRSA_23 Adaptive Transitions for Transformations to Sustainability
IRSA_24 Terroir in Translation: Exploring the Place of Place in the Global Food System
IRSA_25 Mountain Economic Transitions: Initiatives from Appalachia
IRSA_26 Transforming African Agriculture and Rural Development
IRSA_27 Panel on Strengthening Rural Sociology in Africa
IRSA_28 Rurality in the eye of the (urban) beholder? (Re)constructing rurality through urban imaginaries
IRSA_29 Beyond the gaze of the tourist – what does rural tourism leave for local communities?
IRSA_30 Rural Housing and Homelessness in Canada
IRSA_31 Positioning Rural Housing Research: International Experiences
IRSA_32 New rural capitalisms: production to consumption or something in-between?
IRSA_33 Generations and Rural Change
IRSA_34 Daily practices and global countrysides
IRSA_35 Globalization and Everyday Life in Rural Communities
IRSA_36 Population Changes in Rural Areas and their Implications for Inequalities
IRSA_37 Agricultural Labour and the Food Movement: Perspectives and Politics
IRSA_38 Labor markets and work processes in Latin American agriculture / Mercados y procesos de trabajo en la agricultura Latinoamericana
IRSA_39 Agricultural worker’s mobility and immobility in global contexts. Social vulnerabilities and work related suffering
IRSA_40 Emerging ruralities in deagrarized worlds
IRSA_41 Industrial agri/aquaculture and the agrarian question in the rural South
IRSA_42 Exits from agriculture – Dispossession, migration, land use and the prospects for smallholder farming
IRSA_44 Constructing A New Framework For Rural Development; Pier Luigi Milone, Flamminia Ventura, and Ye Zingzhong (eds.). Published in 2015 by Emerald Press.
IRSA_45 Green Revolution from Comparative Perspective: Between Asian and African Experiences
IRSA_46 El consumo de la ruralidad y la reconstrucción de los sujetos rurales en América Latina
IRSA_47 Public policy for family agriculture and farmers in Latin America. Present processes and challenges
IRSA_48 “Good farming” transitions: Agricultural identities in a changing world
IRSA_49 Gender/Change: Gender, Work, and Neo-liberalism in Industrialized Family Farming
IRSA_50 Becoming a young farmer: Young people’s trajectories into farming
IRSA_52 Current Moments in the Green Economy
IRSA_53 Transitioning the sustainability of coastal rural communities facing climate change : A complex story
IRSA_54 Social differentiation in agrarian ecologies of climate change
IRSA_55 Changing agricultural and rural community trajectories: moving towards a sustainable bioeconomy?
IRSA_56 Pests, People, Practices: Toward a Sociology of Agricultural Pest Management
IRSA_57 Re-Creating the Countryside: New Directions in the Politics of Rural and Environmental Discourses
IRSA_58 Assessing the Potential of Values Based Food Chains for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Livelihoods
IRSA_59 Perspectives on China’s Changing Food System
IRSA_60 Techniques for engaging the agri-food value tug-of-war between Ecologizing and Modernizing
IRSA_61 Genetically Modified Foods: Contestation, Resistance, and Governance
IRSA_62 Symbolic dimensions of conflict in rural communities
IRSA_63 Rural Sociology – Making a Difference to Policy and Practice
IRSA_64 The Global Rural-Urban Matrix: Global rather than National Research is Needed
IRSA_65 Seeking the Big Picture within the Small: The Impacts of Food System Restructuring and Natural Resource Policies in Turkey
IRSA_66 Resource conflicts, land use and just rural transitions in an urban epoch: Observations from the Toronto region
IRSA_67 Building connections between rural and urban populations to create a regional food strategy
IRSA_68 Open Paper Session
IRSA_70 Poster Presentations and Display
IRSA_71 Extractive Industries and Rural Communities: New Relationships and New Possibilities
IRSA_72 Transformation of Resource Towns and Peripheries: Political Economy Perspectives
IRSA_73 Agroecology, Diversity, and Resilience: Perspectives from Latin America
IRSA_74 The Justice of Agroecology: Practice and Politics
IRSA_75 Author Meets the Critic: “The Contradictions of Neoliberal Agri-Food: Corporations, Resistance and Disasters in Japan.”
IRSA_76 “Author Meets Critics”: International Handbook of Rural Studies (Routledge, 2016), Authors: Mark Shucksmith and David L. Brown (co-editors)


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